Saturday, 12 August 2017


Assalamualaikum and good evening peeps. Haha.

Like the title said. Actually forgot the actually word for that. So I just used what I feel right. Haha.

Actually, I really in the state of depression. For real. I dont know how long can I maintain my sanity. I dont forget Gods. Everyday I pray to Him give me the will to fight this. But day by day I think its getting worse.

I really want to die right now. I dont care about people anymore. I just want they all gone or Im gone from this world. I really can't take this anymore. But I think its all my fault that this thing become more worse than it should.

I wish I can maintain my sanity or I think I will do some serious shit if I lost control over myself. Cause I think I want to kill the people that really dear to me.

Please pray that I can get this over. I can gain control of my life. If not, I will end my life.

Just kidding..Hahahah..

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