Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Assalamualaikum and hai everyone,

acah2 english jap..I think not many Malaysian people still and will read my blog..

So what the meaning of my title for today..For further record, sorry for my broken english..

Why people really like selfie? In bathroom, public toilet, whats make selfie so damn special?

I really dont like selfie, even my friends, family and special friend really like selfie. I even  was scolded for not like selfie and dont have any picture to give when people around ask for mine..I never put my self portrait in my phone..In my laptop still has it but i fell awkward seeing my self..Haha..

So what make selfie so special? for me, i will self portrait when i feel the place give some vibe and i will automatic take selfie and then show it to my friend or the world (using ig, fb, etc)

What I really like is to take photo of a scenery, the food i make and many more. like i said, i will only take photo when I feel some vibe and awaken my instinct to take the photo..Hahah..(greatly exaggerate)

Thats only in my opinion, for other people I dont know why they so bigoted with selfie. various people have various taste. Hihi..

Thanks for reading this.