Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Dark vs Light

Once I always cover in the darkness. I walk blindly in the dark without any purpose. No where to hide, no where to run, no where to go..... I'm want to give up and done doing anything. But still, I'm waiting for the light to come and lighted the darkness in my world.

But the light never come to this freaking dark world. Is God has abandoned me? Has He don't hear my prayer? Is it because all the thing I have done in my past? I wish I can change the past but its impossible. There no turning back for what I have done. I can't feel true happiness anymore. I can smiled like before. I have to fake that I'm okay. I just cried alone without no one noticed it. I just wish I can kill myself but I don't have the courage to take this pathetic life. I still hoping for the light to come to save me from this miserable life.

When I about to give up, you come to my dark world. At first I thought you are just the same with other people. Always judge me for what I have done and babbling about it. But you accept me just for I am and willing to help me to change myself. You are so difference from the people I used to know. You bring light to my world bit by bit. Then I realised that God have a funny way to sent light in this dark world. He sent you to me. Thank you. Alhamdulillah.

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