Wednesday, 4 July 2012


What is jealous? I repeat jealous not jules, julos or anything that I don't think that people think. Damn. I what the hell I'm babbling about. -.-'

Okay! Back to the main story. Jealousy was indeed a scary emotion but at the same time its was the way we can express our true feeling towards the people.

Jealousy can come from many various type of feeling. For example, we are jealous that some kid eat a lollipop but we can't because we got a cavity. I think that's the right name. Another example that we common see in this world.

We are jealous when we are forever alone. Huhu.
What I meant is that we are f**king pissed off when some nerd hold hand with an angel. (that nerd is me. hewhew.) We are a good looking guys or women. But some nerd are way to good than us.

But there is a fearsome jealousy. Even the demon itself will be with us. Its was the jealousy towards other people happiness. For example we build a company with our partner but he was more successful than us. Then we use shaman to sabotage our partner.

The most of all. When we use shaman to curse our loved one. For example "nasi kangkang" mostly use by women to make their husband listen to them and don't look for another women. But men use "minyak pengasih" to make women listen to them. When they use this kind of thing. They will be demon favourite people in . . . . . . HELL!! Hell Yeah!

That's all that I want to babble about. Hope you understand what I wrote in this post. Have a nice day. Peace yaw. Always control your jealousy towards other.

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