Sunday, 15 January 2012


Maybe there are many out there that still waiting the girl or men that will get in their heart..Sometimes the longer we wait the longer that person will walk away from our life..Sometimes it will turn opposite..The wait for the person we love most will come to us in many way or weirdest way..But it will be significant to us..

If you have tell the person that you have waited so long and got rejected..Just face the truth with bold and wait for her/his to be yours..If you want to give up..Just give up..Its your loss..

Not all the people have the guts to waited for somebody for a many years..Sometimes people just got change of heart towards the people that their are waiting and when they got rejected the love turns into hatred..I really hate that kind of person..Its natural to get reject..Just don't give up..Give your best shot to win her heart..Maybe someday God will give you a room in her heart..

Sometimes not all the waiting will ends well..Its not like fairy tail or movie..Like me..I have wait someone so long..In the end I just got rejected by her..She has someone dear to her..How can I win her heart such person have capture her heart..I really an loser..That's why sometimes I hate waiting..What to do..It is fate and I have to accept it whether I like it or not..

It's depends on the person whether he/she want to wait the person that they like or love..Just if you decide to wait..Brave yourself..It will not be an easy task..If you got lucky..You will get that girl or men..Pray to God to give you strength and get the people you love..

That's all that I can say..If I have mistaken word..I'm sorry..And you don't like what I have been writing..Just write you own story..Thanks..

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