Wednesday, 21 December 2011

My Dark Side..IV..

Pergh.. For the first time.. I use a sentimental pic in my dark side.. Hehehe.. Every pic tell a story.. In this time.. I will teach to all the heart broken men n women to tortured n kill your beloved one that have cheated on you.. If you really piss off for what they have done.. If you does still love them.. Chased them..( so kind today..)

Anyway.. I will give you the method that you will find interesting and bring more pain.. Hehehe..

1) tie your love one in the pole.. then sew their lip because all the words that come from their lips is full of shit! then smacked their body with a hammer one part to another part with anger.. most important don't let them passed out.. we don't want they feel what we feel.. hahahaha.. do it slowly but hard.. means you should enjoy the moment you smack their body..

2) put them in a maze.. then chase them like crazy.. play their mind.. when you got them.. just kick punch them like trash.. step on them.. then make them run again.. if you tired of playing with them.. just kill them slowly.. hehehehe.. smack their body.. smack their head.. then kill them until no one will recognized them anymore..
3) cut their tongue because they will talk to much how much they love you and many more.. remember what they talk is piece of garbage.. that's why you must cut their tongue.. then poke them with sharp thing like needle, knife, ice pick and many more that will make a hole in their body..

4) take a knife.. then notch their whole body.. make your name and their name.. you and them will be together forever or she/he will never leave you or cheat on you and many more.. while notch their body say those word.. the word they always said at you.. then kill them if you really upset for what happen..

5) this will be sudden death but more painful and more delightful.. hahaha.. tie your love one in a chair or whatever you want.. but the placed that you tie them must make them sit or stand.. then you touch their mouth with you both hand down and up his/her jaw.. then pull your hand as hard you can.. make their mouth torn from their face.. there will blood everywhere and you must enjoy it every second while you cry in laughing..

I think this all the method I can think off.. If you have an dark side like me.. Send me a method how to kill people and make it sound logical and can be done.. I want more painful, more joy, and more BLOOD!!

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