Thursday, 17 November 2011

My dark side..III

Yo. Today I think I will be polite to teach to who that have been bullies or that have always being laugh stock by his/her friends. My method for this post I think will be more "polite" than before. Hehehe. Why I so "polite" today you ask? Hehehe. This method will haunt the rest of the life of she/he that always make fun and bullies other people. Of course this method just like we clean the trash bin or throw away rotten fruit. But in this case we just throw away rotten "people" and make them "better". Hehehe. Enough chit chat let's go through this. Hahaha.

P/S : To those that have grudge with the person that's always bullying you. You just kidnap she/he and take someone safer that no one will hear you or find you (in deserted place/forest).

1) Tie them to chair/tree then talked trash to them and tell them what you feel toward them. Then use your fist or kick them in they stomach or leg. WARNING - don't smack their head because they will faint faster. Then you break their finger with your hand like loan shark do to who don't pay their money. Now you can smack their head and when they faint just throw them like trash in the side way. NEVER EVER TO FORGET leave something that they will remember and never dare to told anyone what you have done.

2) Maybe this method that I will tell can do in the public without no one noticing it. You just stalk them everyday at anywhere. In their home, school or even the toilet! This maybe sound crazy but it will work. Trust me! But this thing will take time but the result will shocked you. But don't show yourself infront of him/her but do the dirty work in the shadow. Scared them until they lost they mind and eventually they will kill themselves. This is a psychology method that common use for the stalker or people that want revenge.

3) Capture he/she and tie them then lock them inside cupboard and make sure you put a hole to make them breath. You sure don't want them to die right. To make thing more interesting, scared them like talk to them like you will kill them and use a chainsaw then use it to some statue and use scream voice (people he/she know) and blood of course (not real). Perform an act like you kill a people and she/he must sweat it and give some extra sweat in her/his pants. Then release them and make sure you always record all his/her behavior then show it to all people and put it in youtube. People will make fun to her/his and eventually they will kill themselves.

That's all that I can think about. It's so fucking hard to think an "polite" torture that will not kill people. I think this will the final torture that I will think to let people live. Hahahaha. There should be blood.

P/S : Suicide is something that is prohibited. Please don't this stupid thing.

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