Monday, 5 September 2011

I saw an angel..

Its been 3 days since my brthday.. But in this 3 days.. All the day was my brthday.. Mybe u all think that I was crazy.. But all miracle thing happen in this 3 days.. I will tell what happen in this 3 days.. Actually not happen in 3 days.. But 4.. Just in the 2nd days.. Nothing happen.. :D Post ni akn ada dwibhasa.. Sbb bi aku hncur..:P

22 August 2011..

Exactly at 0000 hours.. I got a msg 4 my brthday wishes.. I check my hp and I really in shocked because the frst one that wish my brthday is the person that hate me.. She not really hate me.. But she blame me what happen to her.. (weirdo) Then I got more msg.. All the msg was from the unexpected people.. Really.. Is I'm going to die?? The people that forget about me.. The people that hate me.. The people that never contact with me again.. All of them wish my brthday.. Really.. (watch to much wrestling) Is my 19th brthday is so damn special?? Then I open my fb.. WTF!! (what the fish) Around 40 notifications that was waiting 4 me 2 open them.. What just happen?? Really..(i think i should stop use this word) Frst time in my fb got 40 notification in just a minute or an hours after my brthday started.. So damn many.. What to do?? (hot plak aku time brthday aku) But I think I should thanks 2 my friend that in USA..(sje nk sbut) Because she wants me to put my pic in fb just 4 while.. So I make a trade with her.. Because I was 2 cute mybe..(prasan sdah) There are so many people wish n comment at my wall about my pic..

23 August 2011

Xde bnda yg special pd hari ni.. Bsan gak.. Tp ada la aku bkak fb dpt la komen org yg wish aku.. Walaupn lmbt tp aku xksah.. Jnji wish kn.. Dri lpekn trus mcm ada sorg hmba Allah 2..:P Aku bnyk hbiskn msa aku bergling2 mcm filem hndustan kt ktil n mrayau dlm umah aku je..(pdahal umah apartment mcm istana plak..)

24 August 2011

The last 2 days was the weirdest among the weird day. Hehehe. Smpai2 je aku kt skolah aku rse snyi je. Mcm xde org lgsg dtg skolah. Pdahal aku nmpk rmai je bdak2. Tp skolah 2 snyi. Like in cemetery. I look at my watch. (xde jam pn sbenarnya..tgk hp plak..slumber!) dh pkul 7.25. (plajar cemerlang ni..dtg lmbt..) apesal snyi sgt. I enter my class but hell yeah! Just 10 people in my class. Nice one! Aku pn msuk klas tp aku diam je. (plik gler..) All my friends ask me why I suddenly become so quiet. I just say that I'm was bored and nothing to do. At that time I got an quarrel with my friends so I stay away from her. I'm quite shy with her actually not that I hated her. All my friend thinks that I was to cruel and my behaviour was to obvious. (sorry) From morning until back from school. I avoided her. I don't know why I did that thing. Ptg 2 aku xblik umah sprti bese sbb tman kwn2 aku bt keja seni. Lg pn time pose kn. Dpt ape blik umah. So aku tman je la dorg. Time ni agak plik r gak. Tbe2 aku lwn lgu ng hp kwn aku. (lgu jwang) Aku lwn lgu dgn dorg ng pnuh smgt plak. Smpai abis bateri hp aku. Trus lpe yg aku tgh pose. (sbb xrse lpar) Blik umah je. Trus aku jmpe ktil kesyangan aku. Ltak je kpala n trus tdo. Terbaik! When I wake up from my sleeping beauty. I check my hp. Pergh! There so many miss call from my friend and the women that I got in fight. (weird) Aku apa lg. Trus mcg bdak perempuan n mntk maaf sbb aku tdo ptg 2. Aku pe2 hal mntk maaf sblum die ckp ape yg ptt. (thu2 je keslahan sndri) Tbe2 die pn mntk maaf n ajak aku pg berbuka. (xnk cter detail msalah aku) Aku pn ok je sbb berbuka 2 pn ecok je. (hari plg indah) Then aku ajk mmber aku lpak kt alamanda. (sumpah xde tmpt len kitorg skang ni) Kitorg cter la ape yg ptt psl ptg td n mcm2 la. (tbe2 bnyk tpik plak)

25 August 2011

Aku dtg skolah ng pnuh bersmgt. (tbe2) Smgt sbb msalah aku ng bdak perempuan 2 dh settle. (alhamdulillah) Aku lbih ceria pd ari ni. Sbb kejadian plg menarik berlaku wktu berbuka pose ng kwn2 aku ni. Mse berbuka 2 tbe2 mmber aku bleh ckp :

Mmber 1 : Wei Naeim, awek yg ko mnat 2 ada kt alamanda dow.
Aku : Serius?! (aku mlompat utk mncri die) Ko jgn tpu aku dow.
Mmber 1: Serius la. Aku nmpk dia sorg td. Dia tgh cuci tgn.
Aku : Shit! Mcm mana aku xnmpk plak dia?! Xpe2. Lpas berbuka aku cri dia.
Mmber 2 : Sial je kn ko. Tba2 smgt plak.
Aku : Hahaha. My angel 2. Msti la smgt. Nnt tman aku cri dia k.

Aku pn ng pnuh smgt truskn dduk di alamanda walaupn pd asalnya aku bsan skit sbb dduk kt tmpt mkan lme sgt. Aku apa lg. Tersnyum je. (gler) Serius aku mmg ada jodoh ng dia. She was right in front of me. I was so shocked. (she really beautiful) I smiled toward her and her face was to happy when see me. (mybe my imagination) But I don't know what to do. I just raised my hand and stood like a doll. (so stupid!) At least I got to see her. I just smiled and never got angry although I was bored back then. Then everyone need to go home but I and my friend Afiq stay at alamanda because I forced him. (jhat sgguh) Kitorg pn lpak kt bwling. Tbe2 mmber kitorg yg tgh lpak ng ex die kate kt kitorg yg dorg dh xnk men bwling n bg kitorg men second game. (wow..rezeki) Kitorg pn men lah bnda 2. Mula aku men bling je bola 2. Tp bler teringt kt si dia. Aku dpt spare frst aku bling bola 2. Dh mula second and third blingan mula hncur. Msuk longkang je. Suddenly she came through the door and was really in front of me. Oh God! Is this really a dream. I go to her and ask many thing. I ask her to play bwling with me. But she said that she wear a skirt. So I just smiled and try the best to impressive her. I got spare and spare and spare. (for the frst time) Really. Bler dia blah. Aku rse smgt lg. Sbb aku teringt snyuman dia yg menwan. (She really an angel) Aku amik bola bwling ng pnuh smgt n terpk kn dia. Aku fkus n trus bling bola 2. Aku psing je blakang tbe2 Afiq puji aku. (blur) Aku pndang lane aku. Pergh! Strike! Really?!

Afiq : Hai, jmpe bdak 2 trus dpt strike?
Aku : Aku tbe2 terpk psal die dow. Aku bling je bola 2. Xsgka strike plak. Ada jdoh ni.
Afiq : Ko kna pk psal dia lg lpas ni. Cnfrm dpt strike lg.
Aku : Dh xde smgt sgt. Dia dh blah. huhuhu.

Aku cba pk psal dia lg. (snyum sorg2 time pgang bola 2) Aku bling la dgn pnuh smgt. And it was a miracle. I got the second strike just think about her. (she really an angel) Then the game was finish and for the time in history my scored got an 119. (xpnah ccah 100. plg tggi 70) I really thanks to God because meet me with her. I should thanks her and ask for forgiveness. (biar la rhsia knape nk mntk maaf)

In this past 4 days was the happiest day in my life. I really thanks to God for give me this beautiful moment that I will remember forever and ever and ever.

Sorry this post was published in 5-9-11. I got an problem before I got the chance to finish this post. I hope u will like it and comment if u don't mind.