Wednesday, 13 July 2011

my light side..

if u follow my blog. maybe u have read my dark side. now i will tell u my "light" side. everyone say my face is a very good person. although sometimes i can be some brat. but never mind all that. i am very sensitive boy and crybaby when i become so frustrated. i don't care because God have gave me all those feeling and i just had to accept it. i always want to become an guardian angel to everyone i meet. especially the special one. i want to become her angel and protect her with all my power.

even though i can't become an angel. but i want to protect all the pupil i love with all my strength. i don't care if i will die protected them. i also have thing i want to do if i was an angel.

1) i want watch the people i love everyday.
2) i want to be at their side worse and good.
3) never let anything happen to them.
4) don't want to watch they cry or sad.
 5) always give them some warm feeling with my wing.

that's all i can think right now. there many more that i want to do to all the people that dear to me. i admit that i don't care about my life. but if i wish to protect them. i need to treasure my life more often. because if i die i can't be at their side anymore. that the thing i will avoid from happening.


  1. i love ur 'light' side .. (^^,)

  2. hahaha..why did u love it??

  3. b'coz i loph u .. =D

  4. hahah..tbe2 je..plik2 je..:D