Wednesday, 29 June 2011

my dark side..

have u ever think the worst case scenario that can happen to someone that u hate? if u ask me. i will say that i have and it will be hell unleashed to that person. although i dislike to hate people but i really like to take a revenge and make that person suffer. have u seen the film "SAW"?
if u have seen it. u maybe know the brutality that have shown in the film. but i can make more brutal than that to that people. i can make that person wish that he/she died or never been born! what type of torture that i can think of :

1) pull out their body hair one by one.
2) pull out their nail from their leg and hand.
3) smack their body with a crowbar then stop for a while until their recover then continue hitting them.
4) cover their body with kerosene then light it with fire. when their scream in pain i put out the fire before their become "fried human". then u know what i will do.
5) i poke their body with a stapler from bottom and way up. i think u know the idea.

there are many more torturing method that i can think of and will do to that person. maybe my body is small but never challenges me to that thing. because i will do it and it will be hell for u.


  1. at the moment i read 'em, i feel like i am being threatened, warned n tortured..x nak ah kwn ko..ngeri!

  2. hahaha..dh nama pn dark side aku..bkn slah aku..aku stll ade light side..:D nama blog pn light and dark..:D